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June 11, 2008

ACTION ALERT! Community Call-In Day FRIDAY, JUNE 13th to Stop the State Budget Cuts!

Call Toll-Free to your Assembly Member and Sate Senator:  888-268-4334.

Ask for your Assembly Member and then re-call and ask for your Senator.

Dear Friends of FCL,

As I write this, Americans for Prosperity is holding another "Taxed to the Max" rally at the State Capitol to argue against any tax increases. They are well-financed and well-organized.

It's time for those of us who know that good social stewardship means standing for those who have no voice in Sacramento, the less fortunate and students who, unless we prevail, will the bear the brunt of budget cuts being proposed by Governor Schwarzenegger.

Thanks to the California Teachers Association (CTA), we have a toll free phone number we can use this Friday to call our state representatives and let them know that we need more budget choices, not just budget cuts!

Governor Schwarzenegger's proposed budget cuts would mean the loss and reduction of crucial services and jobs for all Californians. A cuts-only approach isn't the right way to solve the state's budget problems. We need a balanced solution that guarantees that everyone pays their fair share. By taking care of our children, families, seniors and workers, we are investing in a better California for all of us!

Community Call-In Day is Friday, June 13th! Call 888-268-4334

We are asking community groups and individuals to all call in on this day so that we can show the power of our communities. Get out this number to your members, families and neighbors so that we can get a flood of calls into the Legislature!

Tell your Assembly Member and Senator:

"My name is ______________ and I live in (your town).

I'm calling to let you know that cuts to health and human services and education will hurt (my family, my neighborhood).

This is because (examples: my children go to public school; I use the community clinic in my neighborhood; CalWORKs helps our neighbors put food on the table for their families, we have a moral responsibility to help the less fortunate among us, etc.).

California needs more than a cuts-only approach to fixing the state budget."

If you cannot call, please send an email to your Assembly Member and Senator via this link, courtesy of the California Council of Churches: 

Call 888-268-4334 on Friday, June 13th to Deliver the Message: Stop the Cuts!

Sincerely yours,

Jim Lindburg
Legislative Advocate

Friends Committee on Legislation
717 K St., Suite 500-B
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 443-3734

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