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Policy Statements

See a list of our policy statements.

The Preamble to FCLCA’s Policy Statements eloquently states the moral basis for our involvement in the political life of California:

The Friends Committee on Legislation (FCL) is concerned that the social, economic, and political aspects of life be conducted with the utmost concern for the individual according to the tenets of love and justice…  Read More.

FCLCA’s Policy Statements guide ouractions:

  • our lobbying at the Capitol: what bills we support and what bills we oppose
  • the grassroots lobbying opportunities we offer our supporters
  • the issues and bills we highlight on our online Action Center

and our positions:

  • our recommendations on ballot propositions
  • the projects we endorse and the coalitions we participate in

FCLCA’s Policy Review Process

The governing body of the Friends Committee on Legislation of California is the General Committee. This body sets the legislative priorities, considers and approves any changes to the policy statements.

FCLCA also has a Board of Directors which has direct oversight responsibility for FCLCA.

The Board of Directors appoints a Policy Committee to

  • propose legislative policies and priorities for approval by the General Committee,
  • research initiatives and referenda placed before the electorate and recommend positions for approval by the Board of Directors
  • review and update specific policy statements

Click on a link below to read the full text of our policy statements:

Peace, Resources and Economics

Human Rights


Health and Human Services