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News and Analysis from FCLCA


From the Capitol: A report back by your FCLCA lobbyist, Jim Lindburg

State Senate holds first hearing on Gov. Brown's proposed budget for 2015-2016; asks tough questions

Legislation 2014 - Bills we lobbied

The FCLCA Newsletter

The FCLCA Newsletter is our print magazine published quarterly and mailed to FCLCA contributors. To donate and receive our Newsletter, sign up here.

Winter 2014

  • Exonerated: How Franky Carrillo and a dedicated legal team overturned his wrongful conviction
  • The Legislative Year in Review: key bills and what happened to them
  • FCLCA's voting record for selected bills:  how did your legislator vote on 13 key bills?

Fall 2014

  • FCLCA's Recommendations on November 4 ballot propositions
  • Legacy Circle adds new members
  • Take the "FCLCA, Ahead of Its Time" Challenge!

Summer 2014

  • The State of California's Children
  • FCLCA Lobby Day 2014
  • California's New Budget
  • Reducing Gun Violence: update on legislation
  • Bill Update 

 Spring 2014

  • Immigrant detention: injustice and abuse - and what you can do
  • FCLCA makes recommendations on June 3, 2014 ballot measures
  • Bills you should know about
  • FCLCA supports environmental legislation
  • Update on solitary confinement

 Winter 2013

  • 2013 Year in Review
  • Key Bills of 2013
  • How did your legislator vote?  An FCLCA scorecard on 10 Key Bills
  • Donor Impact Report 2013

Fall 2013

  • Prisons v. People: Compromise to meet court deadline threatens safety net
  • To keep kids out of trouble - and prison - teach them to understand their emotions
  • Behind the scenes at the Capitol
  • Senate Bill 260 signed into law
  • and more...!

Summer 2013  

  • Davis's Bold New Restorative Justice Program, Neighborhood Court
  • Interview with Attorney Sue Burrell on Juveniles and the Adult Criminal Justice System
  • Bills You Should Know About
  • And More...

Spring 2013

  • California's Budget
  • Key Bills in the 2013-14 Legislative Session
  • Long-term Isolation in California's Prisons
  • SPECIAL SECTION:  CA Responds to Gun Violence


December 2012

  • Analysis of November election results
  • Report from General Committee Meeting
  • FCLCA's Impact on the 2011-2012 Legislative Session
  • FCLCA's Legislative Priorities for the 2013-2014 Session


October 2012  FCLCA's Recommendations on the November 2012 Ballot Propositions

Special 60th Anniversary Issue - July 2012    A Retrospective: Six Decades of Advocacy

March 2012

  • Cutting Past the Bone: Will more revenue save social services and education?
  • FCLCA Legislative Update – Spring 2012
  • A Bold New Bill Reaches the Senate:  Focus on SB 1506
  • Efforts to Reform Three Strikes
  • FCLCA’s Recommendations for the June 2012 Ballot Propositions
  • Realignment in your County: Pass or Fail?
  • 60 More Campaign – FCLCA  celebrates 60 years and plans for (at least) 60 more

December 2011

  • Can Realignment Set us Straight?  California begins historic shift of incarceration, supervision and parole back to the counties
  • Your Quick Guide to Realignment
  • Dark Days Ahead for California’s Students Families and Seniors
  • The 2011 Legislative Year in Review: what did Jerry Brown sign?
  • Death Penalty Cases not a smart use of limited funds – Gil Garcetti

September 2011

  • Is the End Near for the Death Penalty?  Death Penalty abolitionists aim at 2012 ballot
  • The Testimony of Marietta Jaeger-Lane:  A mother’s spiritual journey leads her to speak out against capital punishment
  • Restoring Lives, Now That’s Justice:  Forty years since prison Patrice Gaines still fights to get free
  • An interview with Jeanne Woodford:  San Quentin’s former warden now takes a leading role in abolishing the Death Penalty
  • Reforming Solitary Confinement at Pelican Bay Prison

June 2011

  • Collections, Cuts and Contention: Budget Stalemate continues as legislative session advances
  • State responds to Supreme Court’s upholding of prison population reduction order
  • A Friend of Justice:  Interview with Dr. Alan Bean
  • FCLCA’s Impact on Legislation

March 2011

  • Reductions, Realignment and Revenues:  California’s leaders grapple with the budget
  • Corrections and the Budget:  FCLCA lobbies for smart cuts
  • Driven to the Draft?  Legislation reintroduced to link driver’s licenses to Selective Service registration

Donor Impact Report 2013

FCLCA Reports: Highlights of the 2013 Legislative Year